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Domain 301 Redirect module

Last week marked the first stable release of the Domain 301 Redirect module. I started work on this module a while ago to fill a particular niche. Thanks to the efforts of Jesse Beach who worked hard to get the modules bugs ironed out we were able to roll out the first release. This module can be used to redirect an entire domain for SEO purposes. For example could be 301 redirected to Some of you are probably already thinking "but wait I can already do this using htaccess or varnish". While this is true and probably the preferred method, the reason we created this module was for use in Drupal Gardens where custom htaccess or varnish rules are not an option. Our Varnish rules allow us to cache 301 redirects so this means that these particular redirects if used often will actually get served by Varnish while allowing us to have control of the redirects at the Drupal layer. A big win on all accounts. So if you are using Drupal Gardens look out for this feature in the near future.

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